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Monday, November 7, 2011

Free Web whiteboard - Tutor students online - includes audio

Scribblar is a Flash-based hosted web site that is ideal for real-time tutoring and web collaboration. Built with simplicity in mind, Scribblar is
  • Easy to use – no training required
  • Browser based and cross-platform
  • Customizable and brandable to fit into your existing website
Try it now  for free at The application requires no large downloads.  It has a clear, user-friendly interface so it’s easy to get up and running quickly.

Send your students a link to your whiteboards and then they can join you.     You can speak with them by turning on the microphone icon (one click), but of course, you must have a mic on you computer.  If you do not have a mic then you can still chat with the student in the CHAT box beside the Whiteboard.

You can write, type, write math equations with LATEX, draw geometric shapes,   use different colors for the text or background or shapes.   You can even upload documents or pictures and edit these together.     SAVE the EDITS or new Creations on the whiteboard and then send to your students
I have used this with several students.