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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 100 Tools for Learning

Jane Hart offers valuable info for educators, students, and entrepreneurs with her top 100 Tools for Learning. At her web site she also gives the next top 50 - the 101st to 150th web software/apps/sites- that are quite helpful for learning, teaching, creating and communicating with your students or clients.

Most of the tools are free!

  • Find tools for quick communication or for producing your own movie or screen cast.
  • Geogebra will help you teach Geometry or Algebra online or in your classroom.
  • Free tools  for drawing, painting, editing pics and docs.
  • Watch Science and Math videos.
  • Read research papers.
  • Build visual maps
  • Store your files in safe place with easy network or internet access
  • Create a Slidecast (narrated presentation)
 And remember these are the top of the line software, apps and web sites. The offerings will produce quality goods for you or allow you to experience excellent goods.   I use some of these in my work and will probably  try some others in the new year.