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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Transitional Students need your help for their schooling

Transitional Students Need Your Help!

My friend Cheri Thompson has a farm in Kenya.  The farm helps street kids make a new life for themselves.

Education is, of course, a part of that new life.

Will you help?   Read the December 2012 post by Amy at Challenge Farm to see the present news and needs of their children.

Education is such an important part of what we do at Challenge Farm.  This week standard 8 students are taking exams to see if they qualify for high school and we very much appreciate your prayers for them.   For some students it doesn’t matter how much they study and how many times they take a test – they are just not going to qualify for high school.  These are our transitional students and this is the new CHALLENGE for Challenge Farm.  Read more and accept the challenge: Click here to visit the full blog post.

Monday, November 12, 2012

New approach to developmental college math

I can give a definite "YES" to these comments about math curriculum changes proposed in California by Katie Hern of Chabot College, director of the California Acceleration Project.

" A growing number of community colleges have developed an innovative new approach for students who are under-prepared for college math. It is less expensive than the traditional curriculum and significantly more effective. The innovation has been spotlighted by several national organizations focused on college completion."
Please read the complete article here:
New approach to remedial math challenged

The need for math is present in almost all areas of study, but more so in sciences, engineering, business, and mathematics. Algebra, geometry and trig skills need to be very strong for these majors.
But for English (and other languages), elementary education, art or music majors, they usually need only a couple of college math courses. Those are usually finite math and statistics. Algebra maybe helpful, but not a must for finite math and statistics. If students are very well prepared with today's definition of pre-algebra skills then these students can be successful without college algebra, precalculus or calculus.

Friday, June 1, 2012

New Factoring Polynomials lessons- free math class

Please visit my new class.   Do you need to learn or review Factoring Polynomials?
The class is free, but you must register first.   No strings attached.  I have other classes that require a fee, but this one is free.

My Factoring Polynomials Class    A new window will open for you.

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Experts: Remedial college classes need fixing

 Remedial math college classes

The student debt for taking remedial classes is growing and it discourages students from completing their degree.   Read the full report at the Gainesville Sun:

You can complete my online math courses and have the knowledge you need to make higher scores on the college placement tests.   Prices range from $80 to $180.   Many adults have taken my courses and then moved onto college at a higher level. 

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This was posted by the Gainesville Sun on :
OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Each year, an estimated 1.7 million U.S. college students are steered to remedial classes to catch them up and prepare them for regular coursework. But a growing body of research shows the courses are eating up time and money, often leading not to degrees but student loan hangovers."

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Need help finding the right apps for your child's iPad?

eSpark creates personalized curriculum on iPads™ to meet student needs!!

eSpark uses your child's student data to determine the child's learning needs and then helps you set academic goals for them.  You or your child are guided through a tailored set of excellent 3rd party apps, games and instructional content.

View there entertaining visual map to see what they offer: eSPARK apps for iPAD

One of the apps suggested by eSparks is Motion Math.

eSparks promotional video:


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Need INSPIRATION for TEACHING~ create "BLUE SKY" in your classroom!

Teaching students can be exhilarating or draining. If you are in need of some new motivation then read the book published just a few months ago by Walter Lewin (with Warren Goldstein): For the LOVE of PHYSICS.    Lewin is the wonderfully inspiring MIT professor of PHYSICS.   Watch his videos on YouTube; I guarantee that you will be inspired to improve your class presentations and enjoy them. You do not have to be a physics teacher.

One of the many hundreds of his activities for teaching is to create a "blue sky" and then "white clouds" inside his MIT classroom! Do you think his students will remember why our skies are blue and clouds are white?

Even Bill Gates has watched many of his YouTube videos.

Purchase the book at AMAZON or watch his videos at YouTube. See his enthusiasm in his writing and his classroom presentation.

Walter Lewin writes: "I've always tried to make physics come alive for my students.  I believe it's much more important for them to remember the beauty of the discoveries than to focus on the complicated math.  My goal is to impart enthusiasm to my students, to help them see the beauty of the world all around them in a NEW way.   What counts, I found, is not what you cover, but what you uncover. Students love being apart of that discovery." 
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