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Monday, November 12, 2012

New approach to developmental college math

I can give a definite "YES" to these comments about math curriculum changes proposed in California by Katie Hern of Chabot College, director of the California Acceleration Project.

" A growing number of community colleges have developed an innovative new approach for students who are under-prepared for college math. It is less expensive than the traditional curriculum and significantly more effective. The innovation has been spotlighted by several national organizations focused on college completion."
Please read the complete article here:
New approach to remedial math challenged

The need for math is present in almost all areas of study, but more so in sciences, engineering, business, and mathematics. Algebra, geometry and trig skills need to be very strong for these majors.
But for English (and other languages), elementary education, art or music majors, they usually need only a couple of college math courses. Those are usually finite math and statistics. Algebra maybe helpful, but not a must for finite math and statistics. If students are very well prepared with today's definition of pre-algebra skills then these students can be successful without college algebra, precalculus or calculus.