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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Need INSPIRATION for TEACHING~ create "BLUE SKY" in your classroom!

Teaching students can be exhilarating or draining. If you are in need of some new motivation then read the book published just a few months ago by Walter Lewin (with Warren Goldstein): For the LOVE of PHYSICS.    Lewin is the wonderfully inspiring MIT professor of PHYSICS.   Watch his videos on YouTube; I guarantee that you will be inspired to improve your class presentations and enjoy them. You do not have to be a physics teacher.

One of the many hundreds of his activities for teaching is to create a "blue sky" and then "white clouds" inside his MIT classroom! Do you think his students will remember why our skies are blue and clouds are white?

Even Bill Gates has watched many of his YouTube videos.

Purchase the book at AMAZON or watch his videos at YouTube. See his enthusiasm in his writing and his classroom presentation.

Walter Lewin writes: "I've always tried to make physics come alive for my students.  I believe it's much more important for them to remember the beauty of the discoveries than to focus on the complicated math.  My goal is to impart enthusiasm to my students, to help them see the beauty of the world all around them in a NEW way.   What counts, I found, is not what you cover, but what you uncover. Students love being apart of that discovery." 
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