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Friday, April 29, 2011

Math and Tornadoes

Scientists still do not understand the formations,  movements and growth of tornadoes.  Tornadoes  strike sometimes before a tornado warning can even be issued.  

Many warnings (sirens and radio-TV broadcasts) were issued and heeded by Alabama residents this week and lives were saved.  Please pray for the citizens of my home state. At least 200 people lost their lives.  Thousands have lost friends, family, pets, homes, businesses, and jobs. 

Our state is blessed to have brilliant and compassionate weather forecasters and broadcasters, as well as, brave reporters. Many reporters were in the field chasing and sometimes running from the tornadoes in order to help the weather broadcasters better warn the people of our state.

So what about the math?    MORE is needed.    Numerical modeling has provided us with some insights as to how a tornado occurs.  Video observations and numerical modeling has helped us  discover and better understand the formations,  movements and growth of tornadoes. The numerical modeling allows researchers to create computer simulations which can validate their ideas, as well as, uncover new information about tornadoes.   

Can tornadoes be slowed down or detoured? Are you ready to study more math so you can help in future years?   Think about it, and please pray for guidance.

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