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Friday, April 15, 2011

Super Egg in Geometry!

Super Egg - 
The upright egg was created in 1965 by a Dane, Piet Hein. 
 The 3-D  shape is a superellipse defined by the graph of the relation:


The ellipse is then revolved about the z-axis.    In most super eggs that you see a/b = 4/3 !  Or have you not seen one yet!.

Hein's super eggs were popular as toys in the 1960's.  The world's largest super egg can be seen outside Kelvin Hall in Glascow, Scotland, UK.  The super egg with a/b= 6/5 was used as a round-about road in Stockholm, Sweden.  Traffic flowed more fluidly with the super egg design.

You can purchase a set of super eggs on Amazon!   They were designed by Hein as salt and pepper shakers.    They will wobble a bit but do not fall over!

I gleaned this from a book you may want to consider reading at your public library.
The Math Book : from Pythagoras to the 57th dimension, 250 milestones in the history of mathematics by  Clifford A. Pickover.


Need more information about the SUPER ELLIPSE?

Learn to create your own here:
Math World at Wolfram

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